Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County
12012 Yale Court, Irvine, CA 92620 714-669-1700


Ministry Focus

Under the leadership of and submission to the Holy Spirit, the Senior Pastor is responsible for providing spiritual and administrative leadership for the Church by using his skills in proclamation of the gospel and pastoral care in meeting the needs of people in this Church and its community. He is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:12)


The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Deacon Body and the members of CBCCOC. The Deacon Body will evaluate the performance of and provide feedback to the Senior Pastor annually or periodically as needed. The Senior Pastor respects the decision-making process set up by the Church, and willingly submits to the final decisions made by the members at the Business meetings.


A. Shall demonstrate the biblical principles as described in I Tim 3:1-7 & Titus 1:7-9.

B. Shall be a Biblically-based, spirit-filled Christian, ascribing to the vision and values of Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County. Theological position is consistent with the doctrinal statement of CBCCOC and “The Baptist Faith and Message” of the Southern Baptist Convention.

C. Shall have completed seminary training with a Master of Divinity Degree (M. Div.) at an accredited seminary. A Doctor of Ministry Degree (D. Min.) or equivalent (e.g., a Doctoral degree in Missiology or Theology) will be desirable.

D. Shall be an ordained pastor and have at least five years of recent experience working in pastoral role in a Chinese church in North America. 10 years or more of such experience will be preferred.

E. Should maintain healthy family relationships. His spouse and/or children should be supportive of the pastor’s ministry.

F. Shall be able to work within a multi-language, multi-cultural, and multi-congregational environment. Experience with and understanding of Chinese culture is required. Is able to provide pastoral counseling or to direct to more qualified counselors.

G. Must be proficient in English; Fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin is preferred.

H. Must possess good interpersonal, communication, and administrative skills.

I. Must be a US citizen or permanent residence, OR Canadian citizen who is able to legally reside and work in the USA.

Principal Duties

Nurture the congregation through regular preaching and teaching God’s word. Directly administer or by delegated oversight, equip and assist the Pastoral Staff in developing, planning, conducting, organizing, evolving, and evaluating all areas of ministries at CBCCOC. Be sensitive to the good of the whole church.

Administrative Responsibilities

1. Ministry Vision/Strategy:

Develop and implement ministry vision and strategy. Work with the Pastoral Staff to set vision and goals for the whole Church.

2. Curriculum:

Work with Sunday School Director, Training Director and Fellowship Leaders to obtain, develop, or review all curricula used in this Church, particularly in the areas of Bible teaching, worship, discipleship, service, fellowship, and personal evangelism.

3. Leadership Development:

Equip, develop, train, and empower Church leadership (e.g. Fellowship Leaders) in various Church ministries.

4. Supervision:

Supervise Pastoral and Church Staff. Conduct yearly staff performance review. Develop and coach staff member in areas of improvement and take appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary. Promote harmony and unity among the Staff.

5. Staffing:

Work closely with the Deacon Body and Personnel Committee to recruit, train, coordinate, and oversee the process of staff-hiring and building up of the workers and to resolve any conflicts.

6. Meetings:

Preside over the weekly pastoral staff meetings and monthly Business meetings. Lead or assign other pastors to lead the weekly prayer meetings, Church Council meetings, and Fellowship Leaders meetings. Meet with each pastoral staff members to discuss any ministry-related issues.

7. Pastoral Care:

Visit with families and friends within the Congregation, especially in times of crises, evangelistic opportunities, or to follow up with new visitors. Provide pastoral care to designated individuals and families (Deacon Family List).

8. Budget:

Appoint the Ad Hoc Budget Committee annually. By participating in the Church’s budget planning process and working with the Church Treasurer, prepare and recommend the Church Budget for current and upcoming years.

9. Representation:

Is the Principal Representative of the Church in all external communications and interactions.

10. Office Hours:

Devote a minimum of 24 hours per week in the Church office.

11. Personal Growth:

Continue to grow and develop with a teachable spirit through attending conferences, seminars, classes, or through personal study. Keep abreast of ministry trends and resources in order to care for the whole Congregation.

Pastoral Responsibilities

1. Assist brothers and sisters to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, leading to spiritual maturity (Ephesians 4:11-13).

2. Teach the whole counsel of God so that our people will develop a solid Biblical foundation and worldview, with the goal of firmly grounding them in the truth so that they will live to glorify the Lord. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

3. Develop strategy to assist our people in living their lives aligned with the four steps of our CBCCOC Discipleship Process, i.e. Connect/Grow/Serve/ Go.

4. Assist our people to discover their gifting and place within the Church, and give opportunities for them to practice and begin to discover their calling to serve within the larger Church body.

5. Plan and provide leadership in observance of the two Church ordinances, i.e. Baptism and Lord’s Supper.

6. With the help of his pastoral team and the deacons, demonstrate his calling to shepherd and know the whole church. Be a visible support to our people whenever possible and also support them in prayer.

7. Form lasting appropriate relationships with brothers and sisters.

8. Work closely with and care for the Deacon Body and Pastoral Staff so that their joy of serving would increase.

For more information please contact : spsc@cbccoc.org




中橙縣華人浸信會是一個多語言(國語-27%,廣東話-46% 並英語及青年-27%), 家庭導向的教會,位於加州-爾灣。要了解神在過去怎樣在我們教會成就祂的工作,可查閱網站 www.cbccoc.org。

由於教會的人數不斷增長,我們正尋找一位國語堂牧師(直接向主任牧師報告)能帶領和牧養我們的國語堂會眾。如果你有作教牧的呼召,請電郵履歷表與個人見証,中、英文各一份,至 mwspastor@cbccoc.org



並與教會其他教牧、同工配搭, 建立多語言,多文化的教會。




  • 是一位以聖經的真理為準則,被聖靈充滿的基督徒。其異象與價值觀與中橙縣華人浸信會相符。 神學立場與 中橙縣華人浸信會及美南浸信會的“浸信會信仰與信息”的教義一致。
  • 擁有被認可神學院的道學碩士學位。
  • 在北美有三年以上的全職牧會經驗。
  • 擁有健康的家庭關係。如果已婚,配偶及子女都支持牧師的事工。
  • 能勝任多種語言,多文化的事奉環境,並與各種年齡背景的會眾互動,必需俱有中國文化背景。能輔導有需要的會衆;或提供諮詢、轉介給更專業的輔導員。
  • 必須精通國語和英語,無論書寫或溝通。
  • 必須具備良好的人際關係和溝通技巧。
  • 美國公民或擁有綠卡。


傳講神的話語來牧養講國語的成年人(18 歲以上)。 在國語堂的事工上全權管理、委派責任、裝備並協助同工策劃、指導、組織、評估以下的事工  (但不限於):

成人崇拜(講道) 成人主日學(教導)星期二查經班(教導)


  • 教導弟兄姐妹如何建立個人與耶穌的關係,幫助他們靈命更成熟(以弗所書 4:11-13 )
  • 以神的話語,來堅固弟兄姊妹的聖經基礎和正確的世界觀。堅定他們的信仰並在真理上扎根,使他們在生活中榮耀主的名 (哥林多前書 10:31 )
  • 制定策略,幫助會眾在生活上操練 CBCCOC 門徒訓練的四個要點: 連接/成長/事奉/去。
  • 幫助會眾了解他們自己的恩賜和事奉崗位,給他們機會去操練,好叫他們知道自己在教會肢體中的呼召
  • 儘可能地表達對會友的關注,並在禱告中記念他們。
  • 與弟兄姊妹建立合宜且持久的良好關係。
  • 與核心團隊密切合作並關懷各同工,使他們在事奉中大有喜樂。
  • 探訪國語堂會友的家庭或親友,尤其在他們有困難的時候,把握傳福音的機會,和跟進新朋友。


  • 事工異象/策略:制定並實施決策。與主任牧師一起制定國語堂事工,以達成全教會共同的異象、價值觀與目標。
  • 課程設定:與主日學校長、團契領袖一起挑選、或評估所使用的相關課程和材料。特別是在聖經教導,敬拜,門徒訓練,事奉,團契,和個人佈道等方面的事工。
  • 督導的責: 督導由主任牧師安排有關國語堂的同工與事工。
  • 同工:在國語堂事工裡委任、培訓、協調和督導核心同工及各團契同工。咨詢主任牧師有關建立同工團隊及協調任何衝突。
  • 會議:代表國語堂參與每週教牧同工會議和禱告會、每月一次的會員月會、常務委員會會議、理事會會議及團契領袖會議。每週與主任牧師會面磋商、報告和討論任何事工相關的問題。
  • 財政預算:參與教會的財政預算程序,提供並管理當年和未來幾年的國語部財政預算(包括各項節目開銷) 。
  • 辦公時間:每週至少16 個小時在教會辦公室上班。
  • 個人成長:常常保持受教的心,透過參加聯合會議,研討會,課程,或個人進修,繼續裝備自己。



將帶領本教會拓展、訓練、並加強我們的音樂事工,以”與神聯結、成長、事奉、走出去” 為主題。




  • 以聖經真理為準則,被聖靈充滿的基督徒。其異象與價值觀與中橙縣華人浸信會相符。 神學立場與中橙縣華人浸信會及美南浸信會的“浸信會信仰與信息”的教義一致。
  • 完成音樂系學士或以上的學位,並有至少三年的音樂事工經驗。
  • 在音樂事工上有口碑的忠心事奉,並成功地帶領多文化詩班和讚美小组作多元化的敬拜讚美。
  • 有認証的樂理知識,並能教導及帶領詩班。
  • 在北美教會音樂事工當詩班指揮及音樂策劃主導人三年以上 (以義務性質亦可)。
  • 保有健康的家庭關係。如果已婚,配偶及子女都支持牧者的事工。
  • 能勝任多種語言,多文化,多重背景的事奉環境。必須瞭解中國文化,能輔導音樂團員,或提供諮詢、轉介給更專業的輔導員。
  • 必須精通英文和中文(廣東話或國語),無論書寫或溝通。
  • 必須具備良好的人際關係和溝通技巧。
  • 在美國有合法工作許可和居留權。



事工包括(但不限於) :

  • 崇拜:

雙語堂崇拜: 設定崇拜程序,帶領會衆唱詩或指派領唱、司琴及组織敬拜小组

英語崇拜/國語崇拜: 委派並協助崇拜負責人

  • 詩班:帶領並指導主日詩班與各組聖誕詩班
  • 音樂表演:協調音樂活動,包括詩班、合唱團、敬拜小組、獨唱、各崇拜的琴師安排
  • 音樂委員會:監督或參與
  • 音樂用品:監督、维修音樂圖書館、物件、樂器、相關設備
  • 特別事項:教導樂理、声樂、和音樂講座
  • 特別節目:籌劃一年一度的聖誕慶祝會、歡騰晚會、受難日音樂、受浸音樂等等


  1. 事工異象/策劃:與主任牧師一起制定音樂事工,並與本教會的異象、目標相稱。
  2. 教材的使用:挑選或評估所有音樂事工上所使用的一切。
  • 提供適合本教會的主日崇拜流程
  • 提供多樣化的音樂,以適合多重背景的會衆與本地社區
  1. 同工:征招、訓練、協調和督導音樂同工及小組長(包括英文組與國語組)。
  2. 會議:代表音樂事工參與每週教牧同工會議和禱告會、每月一次的常務會議,會員月會。
  3. 教牧關懷:探訪音樂同工、詩班團員的家庭,尤其在他們有困難的時候,把握傳福音的機會,和跟進新團員/同工。
  4. 財政預算:參與教會的財政預算程序,提供並管理當年和下年度的音樂事工財政預算 。
  5. 辦公時間:每週至少16 小時在教會辦公室上班。
  6. 個人成長:常常保持受教的心,參加聯合會議,研討會,課程,或個人進修。掌握音樂趨勢和資訊,好帶領多元化的敬拜。
  7. 報告:在常務委員會及教會會員月會上作音樂事工的代言人。


  • 帶領會衆唱歌讚美神。
  • 提供敬拜和詩班獻唱的詩歌,以証道的主題為準。
  • 主日崇拜時多選用提升靈命的詩歌並協調整個敬拜流程。
  • 主導敬拜,帶領會衆唱詩,指揮詩班及其他有關音樂的敬拜。
  • 預備會眾的心靈,以正確的態度來敬拜。
  • 協助他人與耶穌建立個人關係,帶領他們經歷神與靈命的成長。
  • 發掘並鼓勵有意願參與音樂事工的弟兄姊妹(例如音樂委員、詩班、讚美小組、管弦樂團、和琴手)。
  • 成為音樂同工成員的導師,幫助他們在音樂的恩賜上更上一層樓。
  • 有特殊場合時,策劃獨唱或合唱的音樂節目。
  • 交待清楚有關對詩班、領詩、琴手、音控視聽、及招待的期待/要求。
  • 每星期提供行政助理有關要刋登在崇拜次序單上的詩歌。
  • 安排並協調每星期的琴師、吉他手等等。
  • 預備每星期詩班、琴手的歌譜。
  • 管理、维修樂器,並接洽調音師。


  • 主管並訓練程度不一致的詩班,每個月在雙語堂崇拜獻唱至少两次。
  • 組織教會詩班,指導每星期的練唱、預演。
  • 主導一年一度的慶祝聖誕節音樂會表演。
  • 指揮聖誕成人詩班,協助聖誕青少年詩班及兒童詩班。
  • 教導詩班班員樂理,訓練他們歌唱的技巧。
  • 提供學習機會、研討會给教會詩班和音樂同工。

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